Record detail page

The row detail page lists every field in the selected record. (Or at least every field that you have permission to see.)  Click here to see this in action for our simple file. 

Below the main listing this page lists the papers that apply to this subject .  These are in a separate file in this example and they are all linked back to the subject that they apply to by including the key to the subject in the record.  Sometimes this is referred to as a parent/child repationship where the subjects are the parent records and the papers are children.  More on this here.

From this page you can edit the record, delete the record, go back to the file list, or go to the administration page. However note that the 'delete' button has been disabled. This is because there are 'papers' recordsfor this subject. Deleting the record would leave them orphaned - referring to a subject that didn't exist.  This issue is called 'referential integrity'. As we will see this is less of an issue with document-based systems such as Mongodb.

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