Case study: Contact management

I have implemented a simple contact management system using SUDSjs. I make no claim that this will put Salesforce out of business! It is not in that league. But in my experience you often have to balance the gains from a top-end contact management system, against the benefits of a system that is integrated with your main database.   

New contacts

Cick here to go direct to the contact management function for one of the users. This is a detail listing page for one of the test users with the contact group open.  To add a new conktact click on 'New'. 

At the top of the screen is some basic information about this user which might be usefull while you are on the call. The customer has been filled in plus the current date and yourself as the person makingf he call. 

You can flag the contact as a follow up to a previous contact. Enter part of the notes for the contact being flagged. Matching contacts for this customer are shown and can be selected.  For example type 'ca'.  Submitting this contact closes the prevous contact. 


Go to the administration page and there are a couple of reports 'overdue follow-ups' and 'upcoming follow-ups'.

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